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The Earlham Institute (EI) is a research institute focused on exploring living systems by applying computational science and biotechnology to answer ambitious biological questions and generate enabling resources.

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The past two decades have laid the foundations for a new era of genome-based understanding of genetics and the biology of complex systems. Technological advances in DNA sequencing have resulted in multiple step change increases in the rate of data acquisition at reduced costs to a point that sequence technologies can now affordably and effectively be applied to research questions across the biological sciences.

Sequencing has become a totally enabling technology for life science research making previously unfeasible dreams of access to numerous genomes a reality. This opportunity to exploit the potential of high throughput sequence generation combined with a well-established model for data sharing places genomics at the forefront of the data-driven science revolution. EI was established as a national facility to promote the use of genomics to advance bioscience research and innovation in the UK, supporting academic and industrial investigators.

Professor Neil Hall


Earlham Institute is led by Prof Neil Hall, and supported by Sarah Cossey, Director of Operations, and Prof Federica Di Palma, Director of Science, who together form the Executive Team. The Directors are supported by a senior management team, made up of the heads of function and senior group leaders.

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Our science faculty and research.

We are proud to attract talented scientists from all over the world, who bring with them vast experience in genomics, bioinformatics and scientific computing. Led by expert group leaders, our ever-expanding research groups are at the forefront in modern life sciences.

Our science

Services for science and industry.

We combine cutting-edge technologies with world-class expertise to deliver the next frontier in scientific research. We host a UK National Capability in Genomics, strategically funded by BBSRC, to promote the application of genomics and bioinformatics to advance bioscience research and innovation. Partnering with industry, we look to share our knowledge, develop new intellectual property and create new technologies.

Our services

Learning events and training.

We are passionate about skills development across our sector and are proud to offer high-quality training in a variety of subjects for the life sciences, supported by expert trainers and our partners at the Norwich Research Park. Our Public Engagement & Society group look to engage with the general public across our research areas and our wider education programme focuses on learning exchanges around the world.

Learning and training

Operational support.

All our activities are supported by professionals with expertise in communications, knowledge exchange, administration, estates, HR and finance. We have teams dedicated to these areas which, along with our Platforms & Pipelines Group and Scientific Computing Group, make up our Operations Division.

Operations Division